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Top Tourist Attractions In Romania

Serbia is a country that once was a part of Yugoslavia, and it is situated in Southern Europe. For many tourists, shopping is the best option for entertainment in Romania and if you want to relish some new shopping experience in Romania, then head to the weekly traditional countryside shopping fair and here you can get everything from live animals to clothes and vegetables.
Romania is a country of medieval castles, Gothic churches, and charming towns, all hidden among some of the most enigmatic landscapes of southeastern Europe Marked by such geographical wonders as atractii turistice romania the Carpathian Mountains and Black Sea, the country's dense forests and snow-capped peaks are perfect settings for the folklore that emanates from nearly every region ( Transylvania , anyone?).

However, coastal and mountain tourism are the segments that are most vulnerable to climate change, and the Mediterranean region is the world's most popular holiday region: it attracts some 120 million visitors from northern Europe each year, the largest international flow of tourists on the globe, and their spending is in excess of EUR 100 billion (1).
With a diverse relief and an area of 237,502, Romania shows itself to the foreign visitor with all of its best assets: culture, spirituality, traditions, hospitality, people, dream landscapes, pristine nature, ecological products and tourist attractions.

A rural fairytale”, how The Telegraph contributor Sarah Shuckburgh called it, this remote land isolated from the rest of Romania by heavy forested mountains, stands out for its distinctive rural culture, UNESCO-protected medieval wooden churches, and unspoilt bucolic charm.
Characterized by history, stunning natural landscapes, and a rich artisan culture, the magnificent region has close ties to Romania's royalty and features a number of well-appointed ski resorts, where you can enjoy various types of slopes, thrilling hiking and biking trails, as well as a good range of traditional restaurants.
The city has bounced back after sustaining heavy bombing damage from both sides during World War II. Unlike many European cathedrals, the Timișoara Orthodox Cathedral was only built in the 20th century, but the central, notable for its 11 towers, houses many historic religious objects as well as vintage icon paintings.

The Bucharest's Henri Coanda Airport is the largest as well as the busiest airport in Romania and it is served by a host of flights which provides direct service to Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca, Oradea, Satu Mare, Sibiu (Transylvania), Constantans, Bacau, Iasi, Suceava, Targu-Mures, and Baia Mare.
Visitors can wander through 300 traditional buildings, including peasant homes with steep roofs, thatched barns, heavy log cabins, various types of churches, workshops, and mills - all of which have been transported from towns across every region of Romania.

Traveling by bus is the cheapest mode of travel to other towns of Romania and in each and every town and cities of Romania, the travelers are bound to come across the bus terminals from which buses and minibuses depart for the towns and villages in the nearby area as well as to other cities in the country.
To continue with, French-speaking people may find it difficult to cope with the Romanian sound "h", because they simply cannot pronounce it. As far as the sound represented by the letters 2 or > is concerned, we can say that it is the most difficult sound for English speakers, whereas for Russians it can be quite easy because they have the equivalent sound, represented by the vowel in the Russian equivalent of "you".

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