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Jerusalem, Bethlehem, & More Tour

The birth town of Jesus, Bethlehem is located within the Palestinian Authorities territory. This tour will provide you with the best opportunity to spend a day focused on the sacred city of Bethlehem, with all the logistics looked after, leaving you to absorb the amazing spiritual sites, whilst hearing the historical and biblical background to each site.
Guide is Registered By Ministry of Tourism, Our Tour is Really Great and Focus on Happiness of the Tourist, don't forget we also take photos at Two Very Famous Banksy Graffiti The Flower Thrower and Armored Dove as well if Palestinian bethlehem palestine weather Heritage Center is open we take a quick look at the Antiquities they have that are not for Sale, Also if we had the chance most time we will take a walk to see the old city of Bethlehem and see Bethlehem Ancient Gate House.

We Travel to City in Bethlehem Distract Called Beit Sahour is one of the two highest cities in christian population, We will take a closer look on the lives of the local people and get to see the amazing hand crafted souvenirs they make as well as the Shepherds Field.
Still unchallenged, the Roman rule over Jerusalem and the region came to an end with the first Jewish-Roman war, the Great Jewish Revolt, which resulted in the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 CE. Jerusalem once again served as the national capital for the people of the region during the three-year rebellion known as Bar Kokhba's revolt.

A large underground cave with a Franciscan chapel built directly on top, this is the site where it is believed that Mary and Joseph took Jesus for refuge from King Herod, before fleeing across the holy land to final visit for the day is in this ancient city, is to the Shepherd's fields on the outskirts of the city.
For those seeking religious shrines, there is not more enriching land elsewhere: Bethlehem, Jesus's birthplace, Nazareth where he grew up and performed his first miracle, the site after Multiplication of Bread and fish, the Garden of Gethsenanee where he spent the last hours of his freedom, the Wailing Wall which has spiritual importance and thrill for Christians and Muslims.
Also, a common tactic is that when you tell a cab driver you want to go somewhere, they say "Well I want to take you here first", and then they proceed to take you on an involuntary tour of different sites and then demand an exorbitant amount of money that they don't tell you about up front.

Side note: many of the group members were upset because we did not get to see the Nativity in Bethlehem…we only visited the church that is built on it. This was something I had been aware of potentially happening due to long lines to see the Nativity.
Archaeological findings prove the existence of development within present-day Jerusalem as far back as the 4th millennium BCE, but the earliest written records of the city come in the Execration Texts (c. 19th century BCE) and the Amarna letters (c. 14th century BCE).

West Jerusalem has a blend of B&Bs, guesthouses, small hotels and large hotels - all the way up to 5-star accommodation, including the famous King David Hotel. The tours are offered several times a week and can be arranged in several languages. Then, enjoy guided tours of the city's standout sights, from the Church of the Nativity to Shepherd's Field.
The most popular currencies accepted in Bethlehem are the Israeli Shekel, the USD and Euro. Our final visit for the day in this ancient city is to Shepherd's fields on the outskirts of the city. Peace Now, another Israeli anti-settlement group, said the plans amounted to state suicide” by preventing any viable two-state option for the future.
Head from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem into the heart of the West Bank, with door-to-door hotel transfers in an air-conditioned vehicle. Continuing our tour we will have a 20 minute visit to a local olive wood factory and have an insight on the local crafts of the Christian families in Bethlehem.

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